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Performance Cycle Coaching from Kevin Humphries BSc (Hons)



Hi my name is Kevin, welcome to my website.  I am the resident Cycling Coach at  This website was set up in order to offer YOU quality structured training.

First of all a little background.  I am a fully qualified Level 2 coach with British Cycling, Cycling Coach with the ABCC and a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.  I graduated from Liverpool University in 1997 with a combined honours degree in Sports Science and Psychology, 2.1 (Hons) where I majored in Exercise Physiology.  Over the last 30 years I have completed in most of the cycling disciplines, however, most of my success came from completing in Time Trials and this is where I concentrated most of my studying.

In 2005 after following a Structured Training plan designed by myself; I was able to lower my PB to 55.26.  This was done on one of my local courses, which I must stress was not known as a "fast or Float course".  I went on to better my PB before retiring from racing to concentrate on Coaching.

Now however, I have embraced all of the cycling disciplines and I am currently coaching, time trialists, roadies, track riders, triathletes, mountain bikers and what has gone on to be probably the biggest cycling discipline Sportive Riders.  So whatever type of bike you ride, I can guarantee that I am your man!

I truly believe that any rider can improve with teh correct Structured Training Programme and hard work; and this iw where I know I can help you!

Something to maybe think about!  A great footballer does not always make a great coach!  Likewise a great cyclist does not always make a great cycling coach!  You need to choose a Cycling Coach who is not only

knowledgeable and passionate about the sport of cycling but one who can empathise with you, give equal support and commitment to all of his or her riders and is not in it soley for monetary rewards.